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Consumers can also get alerts on expected duration and cause of scheduled power outages as well as on reason and duration of unscheduled blackouts.
These types of routine media blackouts can only be seen in non-democracies.
Louis and San Diego -- have struggled to avoid blackouts, and the league is taking a bit of a gamble for 2015.
The FCC's decision last September to eliminate its own rules supporting sports blackouts laid the foundation for this pro-consumer action.
The power distribution zone of the town spread the information about blackouts a couple days ago.
In 2012, the two biggest blackouts in history rolled across India's power grid, cutting power to states containing half of the country's 1.
TV on my computer or iPhone, there I'd be on Saturday gnashing my teeth and shaking my fists at the sky as "Due to blackouts, this game is unavailable" came (yet again) on the screen.
The draft, obtained Friday by Kyodo News, states that rolling blackouts will take place roughly once a day for two hours in the four regions if the rate of utilities' remaining supply capacity falls below 1 percent.
The most direct way to reduce excess deaths from a blackout is to try to prevent blackouts," she said.
Indeed, in at least some cases reconstructing blackouts appears to lead to the development of false beliefs or memories," he added.
Some time elapsed before Lovinger's work was applied to blackouts, but we now know that those experiencing a blackout did not forget what happened--they never formed any memory.
Alcohol blackouts are the subject of as many jokes as traveling salesmen, but this was a serious question, and I suddenly realized I did not know the answer.