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I am holding my blankie and I've still got my cord from my mother's tummy.
ore than 160,000 people had signed up for the hoax statuses that included, "Lost my special blankie.
My inherent good manners kicks in and I wave away the worrying image of the Chancellor carrying a blankie as I try to formulate an answer that is at least semi-intelligible.
At tonight's Twins-Angels game in Anaheim, each fan was given a red complimentary Hideki Matsui Blankie, or as many of you call it, a snuggie.
Even 21-month-olds will offer their blankie to an adult who is showing sadness or distress.
If you don't know the R-value but the tank's warm to the touch, it needs a blankie.
Similarly, a pilot test of Elmo in Grouchland, which began with an evil person stealing Elmo's blankie, so distressed children that many wept openly in the theater.
Despite all my anxiety, I threw caution to the wind, packed up a weekend supply of juice boxes, diapers, a blankie, a couple stuffed animals, passports, money, camera, sandwiches, some more diapers, and a change of clothes.
Bundled up with you in your receiving blankie, like it or not, were the expectations that you'd meet a man, have your parents' grandbabies and a giant wedding of bankrupting proportions.