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Happy Blankie will work with hospitals and orphanages around the world, as close as Canton, Ohio and as far as Thailand, and will be delivering blankets every few months to children in distressed situations and in need of some comfort.
To delight the millions of Angry Birds fans around the world, SwaddleDesigns is introducing multiple best-selling and award-winning products featuring Angry Birds including the Ultimate Receiving Blanket[R], Marquisette Swaddling Blanket[R], zzZipMe Sack[R] wearable blanket, Baby Lovie[R] security blankie and Baby Burpies[R].
Pictured with her daughter, son and rescue pup Blankie, Drea who recently guest starred in Marvels' Agents of S.
com)-- Baby K'tan, LLC, makers of the award-winning Baby K'tan Baby Carrier have announced a new and improved version of their 3-in-1 K'tanCloth, an accessory piece that serves as a Burp Cloth, Nursing Cover and Blankie.
Thinking of you all Pat, Bobby, Becky, Mark, Paul and Nikita (Alfie will cherish his blankie forever.
SUPER soft Wibbly Pig Cuddle Me has his own little red blankie, PS13, Boots, below.
She said: "I'll be fine, I've got those magic things that heat your hands up, a wee hot water bottle, a blankie and earmuffs.
Using simple words and images, Kee-Ka's bodysuits and blankies emphasize baby's cuteness: there's a cupcake, a pumpkin, a monkey and a sweet pea.
Youth Services America awarded $1,000 to Robyn Strumpf of Northridge, to be used by Project Books and Blankies, a literacy program founded by Robyn.