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Electing to bat, Blasters mainly relied on Kainat Imtiaz's 60 runs innings that came off 88 balls.
Ghulam Fatima of PCB Blasters took three wickets and Ramin Shamim claimed two wickets.
KEAMARI WARRIORS 179-4 in 20 overs (Kamran Rehman 64, Arif Achakzai 39, Zia-ur-Rehman 27; Naveed Ahmed 2;30); BALDIA BLASTERS 128-9 in 20 overs (Zeeshan Jamil 35, Yar Mohammad 27, Naveed Ahmed 24; Arif Yaqoob 3-9, Mohammad Talha 3-13).
The Blasters, who are owned by Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and managed by former Fulham boss Rene Meulensteen, are eighth in the ISL but remain unbeaten at home after four matches and they are not far off the semi-final places.
When these improvements failed to reduce the DPM to the desired levels, the mine instituted administrative controls, which included operating some of the highest DPM-emitting vehicles (loaders and trucks) during a different shift than the blasters and, when possible, operating other vehicles such as drills and scalers downstream of the blasters.
Kerala Blasters is a truly special team and Andrew and Penn will bring their own brand of uniqueness to the Kerala Blasters.
Finally, freestyle foam disc blasting is the name of the game with Nerf Vortex blasters.
Winning the toss, Carat put the Blasters in to bat.
We have five fabulous Blasters to give away (priced around pounds 30 each).
There are old blasters and there are bold blasters, but there are no old, bold blasters," Aspden said, adding that "you don't walk away from blasting accidents.