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One of the most dangerous aspects of a blended threat is that it can exploit vulnerabilities.
Blended Threat Module -- goes beyond traditional, signature-based antivirus offerings to block emails that contain malicious URL links and utilizes a cloud-based malware behavior analysis service for rapid identification of new malicious links.
Marshal8e6's Blended Threat Module[TM] will enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of Marshal8e6's existing email and Web security solutions.
In addition, Avinti's patent-pending behavior observation technology, used to solve the problem of blended threats, will be quickly integrated into Marshal8e6's portfolio of email and Web security solutions.
The network effect of NEWT significantly improves the intelligence of stopping blended threats.
Avinti's iSolation Server, a proactive e-mail security solution, stops stealthy, complicated threats such as this attack and other zero-day malware attacks, targeted threats, blended threats, and mass variants.
Sophisticated malicious code and blended threats continue to access organisations through entry points not covered by today's security solutions.
The new release includes an integrated firewall, intrusion detection and antivirus technologies which, according to the company, can protect against blended threats and worms such as Blaster, Welchia and SoBig as well as unauthorised intrusions and port scans.
By utilizing multiple methods of attack and self-propagation, blended threats can spread rapidly and cause widespread damage.
Government agencies face ongoing security risks from viruses, worms and sophisticated blended threats, such as Code Red, Nimda and Klez, that target network vulnerabilities, rapidly infect via multiple means, compromise data and co-opt networks during coordinated cyber attacks.
SurfControl has advised users to follow common sense e-mail security management policies and install filtering technology that can detect the presence of blended threats such as viruses and malicious code hidden in HTML.
Blended threats combined email, malware and malicious websites