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The maximal length of the filament (6cm) was used in the initial test, in which the cornea was touched three times in an attempt to elicit a blink reflex.
The best-studied brainstem reflexes are blink reflex (BR) and masseter inhibitory reflexes (MIRs).
The blink reflex magnitude is continuously adjusted according to both current and predicted stimulus position with respect to the face.
A complete temporary tarsorrhaphy may be indicated to protect the cornea after repair of extensive eye lid injuries because of impaired eyelid functions and blink reflex (Fossum et al.
Does emotion modulate the blink reflex in human conditioning?
The onset of recovery for both vibrissae orientation and eye blink reflex occurred within a few days.
The R1 and R2 latencies, amplitudes and areas of the basal blink reflex were similar in patients studied both outside and during an attack as well as in control subjects, whereas the blink reflex habituation responses were markedly reduced in patients studied outside an attack.
Instability of R3 of the blink reflex in patients with HAM/ TSP.
Habituation of the blink reflex in first-episode schizophrenia, psychotic depression and non-psychotic depression.
For example electrophysiological nerve conduction study of the blink reflex in patients with Bell's palsy usually demonstrates prolonged latencies and/or absent early and late responses to stimulation (Kimura et al.
The magnitude of the participant's blink reflex served as the measure of his startle response.