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In short, the Harris government used an unfair, unrepresentative blitzkreig approach.
Overy also maintains that the Allies made the most of available technology (rather than spending valuable time and resources looking for a "super-weapon") and successfully imitated and/or adapted to German tactics such as the blitzkreig.
Watching Olivier's Oedipal scholar, or Nicol Williamson's plebian-accented prince, or Ingmar Bergman's vision of a Nazi blitzkreig, I felt vague dissatisfaction--as impressive as the work might be, I never felt that an actor had revealed Hamlet's very soul to be as "noble" as Ophelia or as "sweet" as Horatio says.
The appropriateness of the mechanized metaphor reached its height in the world wars of this century, remarkable not only for the precision of organization and tactics in such entities as the blitzkreig, but for the emergence of mass-produced machines -- mechanized armor, warplanes and aircraft carriers -- as the lowest common denominators of combat.
But the war was coming closer to home: blitzkreig had been waged from the air for several days.
led blitzkreig war to liberate Kuwait from Iraqi occupation.
The ground forces raided the ISIL defense lines following a blitzkreig by the Russian warplanes," the army went on to say.
JGranted, the Cardiff-born journalist and presenter would have been but a babe in arms when Hitler's blitzkreig was in full devastating swing, yet those times still swirl in the memory like the thick acrid smoke that enveloped the streets of the Welsh capital after the Luftwaffe flew over on its deadly mission.
If the race does go to plan it may be worth taking a chance with Jean Liles's Blitzkreig Boom (T6) to run past beaten dogs and take the forecast spot.
He writes about military full-autos with such titles to his credit as American Thunder, Blitzkreig and The Last Steel Warrior.
The rest - the newspapers, the blitzkreig online releases, the pay-as-much as you like gimmicks - is just Barnum and Bailey huckster hooching otherwise.