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The Cycle-walking construction works by encrypting the plaintext with an existing block cipher (AES or 3DES) repeatedly until the cipher output falls in the acceptable output range.
Encryption Efficiency Analysis and Security Evaluation of RC6 Block Cipher for Digital Images.
ISO/IEC 29192-2, Information technology − Security techniques − Lightweight cryptography − Part 2: Block ciphers
8] CLEFIA: A block cipher algorithm developed by Sony in 2007.
The addition of Snow3G encryption to the company's Long Term Evolution (LTE) products will enable network equipment providers (NEPs) and mobile operators to leverage the latest block cipher algorithm for authentication and network security while complying with the Third Generation Partnership Project's (3GPP's) rigorous specifications for encryption.
The "CLEFIA" interface corresponds to 128-bit block cipher technology such as the US government's Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), and the ISO/IEC 18033-3 International Standards.
Pascal Junod, of EPFL FOX project, noted, "Nowadays, a modern block cipher must be able to be implemented on various platforms, as hardware implementation or as software implementation, ranging from low-cost smart cards to modern 32- and 64-bit processors.
According to third party evaluations and verifications performed by many cryptographers worldwide over the last few years concerning these features, compared to the current mainstream 64-bit block cipher Triple DES, the security of Camellia is extraordinarily high and the processing speed is four to five times faster.
As a result, Camellia is the world's only 128-bit block Cipher that possesses the equivalent security level and processing efficiency as AES*6, and is internationally recognized as the representative of Japanese Ciphers.
Microchip recognizes that the highly talented researchers have been successful at a theoretical attack of a block cipher.
0; -- XML D-SIG for XML digital signatures; -- OCSP for Online Certificate Status Processing -- RSA Public Key Cryptosystem; -- AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) cipher; -- RC4 stream cipher; and -- RC2 variable length block cipher.