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Blockbusters progressively explores supply and demand for blockbusters and superstar talent before examining whether digital technology will end the dominance of the blockbuster and contemplating its future.
Titanic made up in special effects what it lacked in star power; Anatomy of a Blockbuster lures readers with the promise of a stern critical thumping for the box-office favorite, like those high-school movies in which the rich, arrogant kid gets a well-deserved comeuppance.
Blockbusters that run after the main news section are printed at the same time as the main section and are included in the full run of the newspaper.
1: Concerning the availability of Warhol's Lonesome Cowboys at the "Blockbusters" [sic] on Seven Sisters Road, I owe you an apology; indeed, the movie is in stock there - evidently the UK branch of the Blockbuster chain is more "mod" than its parent.