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1 -- color) The erstwhile female lead and blond bombshell in the Three Stooges' flick ``Three Loan Wolves,'' Beverly Warren Gaard, 82, poses in her Sherman Oaks home beneath a portrait of herself with Moe and Curly painted by her husband.
Supermodel Giselle's ex-honey Leonardo di Caprio cuddled with a blond bombshell type at a late showing of Russell Crowe's ``A Beautiful Mind'' at Grauman's Chinese Theater.
Coming from any run-of-the-mill blond bombshell of a diva, the remark might sound melodramatic, even false.
That doesn't stop the other residents - a gossipy tattletale, an over-the-hill blond bombshell, an alcoholic used-to-be leading man, a demented cowboy star with sex on his mind, a never-say-die vaudeville comedy team and a wacky character actress with Norma Desmond-like leanings - from taking sides.
Blond bombshell Marilyn Monroe once asked Harry Winston's advice in the song, ``Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend,'' and now it's a Hollywood tradition.
Led by its blond bombshell, Hernandez, Mexico extended its supremacy in North and Central America with a 1-0 victory over the U.
One was blond bombshell Jean Harlow, who in September 1933 was the first to put her hand- and footprints in cement inside the theater, before a paying audience.
She makes a living as a blond bombshell, but former ``Baywatch'' star Pamela Lee testified Friday that the prospect of having to simulate sex prompted her to back out of a movie role.
Network pitch: A half-hour comedy starring actor-comedian Pauly Shore as a wealthy businessman's son who finds his world turned upside down by the new addition to the family - a blond bombshell.
In ``Profiler,'' the FBI agent is a leggy blond bombshell (Ally Walker) who could pass for an exotic dancer but just happens to be a brainy forensic psychologist.