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Let's just say that this baseball lived a dream shared by countless millions of red-blooded American males, smooched by the definitive blonde bombshell at her most famous," the Daily Mail quoted Mark Jordan, consignment director for Heritage Auctions, which is hosting the sale, as saying.
Dolores goes from beautiful brunette to blonde bombshell for new album, No Baggage
She said: "Everyone loves the blonde bombshell and it's great to be able to give her a modern twist.
Scarlett, 24, also turned blonde bombshell for a Dolce & Gabbana make-up campaign in which she was styled as screen goddess Marilyn Monroe earlier this year And it looks like the actress - who is taking over as the face of Mango from her Vicky Cristina Barcelona co-star Penelope Cruz - has come to the conclusion that blondes have more fun.
But she showed them all, proving you don't have to be a stereotype blonde bombshell to be a star.
Oscar-winning actress Shelley Winters, the outspoken star who graduated from blonde bombshell parts to dramas, has died.
IN SPITE of appearing on billboards everywhere snarling as Achilles in the film Troy,poor old blonde bombshell Brad Pitt is only ranked tenth most bankable among the world's leading film actors.
Westbrook, aged 28, who played Sam Butcher in EastEnders, will play a gold-digging blonde bombshell in Crossroads, which is undergoing a radical revamp.
The return of blonde bombshell Sharon Watts (Letita Dean) in EastEnders after six years in America, has boosted the soap.
It also unveiled multi-million pound plans for a second summer road show extravaganza to be presented by blonde bombshell Dannii Minogue and Richard Orford featuring a host of big-name celebrities.
BLONDE bombshell Sara Kavanagh looked stunning as she turned brunette yesterday.
THIS week's dry slap goes to former Corrie blonde bombshell Denise Welch.