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Bayer says it was the first company to introduce a suite of blood glucose monitors with no coding technology.
LifeScan a unit of Johnson & Johnson, is offering a OneTouch blood glucose monitor (including a starter supply of test strips) at no charge to any diabetes patient who has been using the BD system.
Whereas all other manufacturers have developed integrated systems based upon a concept of filling test strips into a blood glucose monitor, we've developed a diabetes testing system that executes a much simpler design approach by attaching the world's smallest blood glucose monitor to the top of a vial of test strips.
The new BD Logic blood glucose monitor and the BD Latitude diabetes management system combine the thinnest lancets available with test strips that require a very small amount of blood and deliver an accurate reading in only five seconds," comments product manager John Hartley.
During the daylong program customers brought in blood glucose monitors and test strips to allow pharmacists to determine whether the equipment was functioning properly.