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All positive blood culture isolates were classified as either pathogens or contaminants using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention criteria.
Key words: Neonatal sepsis, blood culture, PCR, CRP.
To assist staff in meeting the timing requirements, very inexpensive timers were purchased and placed everywhere blood culture supplies were housed.
The blood culture was done by BacT/ALERT 3D and VITEK-2 Compact, which is an automated rapid culture system.
We do not know whether Bifidobacterium organisms in blood culture for patient 1 were a consequence of intestinal necrosis and bacterial translocation or the cause of necrotizing enterocolitis.
In fact, we now wonder if this lack of extended incubation may be accounting for a significant proportion of negative blood cultures, and whether more prosthetic valve endocarditis than we think is actually being caused by P.
Automated blood culture systems are widely used to define the agents in the blood in a rapid and accurate way (3) In our country, full automated blood culture systems including BACTEC and BACT/ALERT are used most commonly.
Because of the established impact on outcomes associated with timely and accurate processing and reporting of preliminary blood culture Gram stain results, this study aimed to establish benchmarks for laboratories to apply and assess performance of this critical test.
I argue that the present system for blood culture examination, i.
3%) had positive blood culture for Salmonella typhi, 7 (4.
From August to November 2014, 52 positive blood culture samples (26 BACTEC plus Aerobic/F blood culture vials, 26 BACTEC lytic 10 Anaerobic/F blood culture vials) were sub-cultured onto agar plates and incubated overnight to obtain bacterial colonies.