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90 case records of clinically suspected cases of enteric fever were initially selected, out of which 40 cases were discarded as blood culture was not done or turned out to be negative.
All patients more than 18 years of age admitted in the CCU who had positive Gram stain from the flagged blood cultures in the clinical microbiology laboratory by automated blood culture system were included in the study.
As part of candidemia surveillance, CDPHE collected demographic, clinical, and IDU behavior information for persons with Candida-positive blood cultures during May 2017-August 2018.
Early diagnose of EOS by simple hematological ratio can improve clinical outcome in these neonates.13,14 The significance of this study is to test the diagnostic accuracy of I/T ratio for EOS before the results of blood culture and sensitivity are available, and from routine CBC sample collection, important hematological marker I/T ratio can be determined.
It was a cross sectional validation study designed to assess the diagnostic accuracy of Typhidot test against blood culture taken as gold standard for the diagnosis of Typhoid fever.
Steripath has become the standard of care for blood cultures drawn in a rapidly growing number of hospitals across the United States.
The unavoidable delays in getting blood culture results have also driven an increase in the use of empiric, broad-spectrum therapy that is based on protocols and probabilities.
The cost of blood culture kit was 2.6$, positive growth without susceptibility was 7.3$ and with susceptibility test cost was 12$ per culture.
Krause et al., "Verification of false-positive blood culture results generated by the BACTEC 9000 series by eubacterial 16S rDNA and panfungal 18S rDNA directed polymerase chain reaction (PCR)," Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease, vol.
Whereas, only 15 (11.62%) were positive by blood culture. Sensitivity and specificity of PCR were 60% and 88% while positive and negative predictive values were 39% and 94% respectively.
We conducted a retrospective data analysis of 432 paediatric patients admitted at Aga Khan University Hospital (ERC # 3791-Ped-ERC-15) of age 1 month - 16 years, discharged with diagnosis of ABM (ICD-9 codes 320 and 320.9) between January 2012 - December 2014, aimed to evaluate the reliability and accuracy of LPA test in rapid diagnosis of ABM by comparative evaluation with CSF and blood cultures. Children with post-surgical meningitis, TBM, malignancy, absent CSF report (done outside) and neonates were excluded from the study.