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HALF-BLOOD, parentage, kindred. When persons have only one parent in common, they are of the half-blood. For example, if John marry Sarah and has a son by that marriage, and after Sarah's death he marry Maria, and has by her another son, these children are of the half-blood; whereas two of the children of John and Sarah would be of the whole blood.
     2. By the English common law, one related to an intestate of the half- blood only, could never inherit, upon the presumption that he is not of the blood of the original purchaser; but this rule has been greatly modified by the 3 and 4 Wm. IV. c. 106.
     3. In this country the common law principle on this subject may be considered as not in force, though in some states some distinction is still preserved between the whole and the half-blood. 4 Kent, Com. 403, n.; 2 Yerg. 115; 1 M'Cord, 456; Dane's Ab. Index, h.t.; Reeves on Descents, passim. Vide Descents.

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Along the same lines, one anonymous petition to a committee in Castile aimed at investigating reforms, which Sicroff dates to 1598, complains that blood purity was determined "in a completely 'metaphysical' way" (210; my translation).
With blood purity assured and with the enhanced efficacy indicated from continued clinical research and a refined manufacturing process, Hemispherx has expanded upon the earlier pioneering research and is now pursuing a promising oral derivative of Alferon N Injection(R) called Alferon Low Dose Oral (LDO).
The government lawyers compared the scrutiny of Poe's natural-born status to the obsession over blood purity by the villains in the popular Harry Potter novels and films.
Animal Aid spokeswoman Ursula Bates said: "Animal Aid believes that conservation should be about protecting the habitat, not killing animals in the name of blood purity.
Animal Aid spokeswoman Ursula Bates said: "Conservation should be about protecting the habitat, not killing animals in the name of blood purity.