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Respondents from the Levant stood strongest against such marriages, with 79% believing they should be discouraged, and most respondents claimed they were aware about health risks involved in marriages among blood relatives.
London -- Sexual relations between close blood relatives; i.e.
The apparent clustering of human cases of influenza A (H5N1) among blood relatives has been considered as evidence of genetic variation in susceptibility.
He said that the Zoning Study Committee believed that such apartments should be for "blood relatives" and not outsiders.
In the case of lupus there seems to be a genetic facet about 10% of patients have close blood relatives with the disease.
But tell that to the Census Bureau, Federal data collection agencies claim that the Defense of Marriage Act bans the release of data on married same-sex couples, who are instead considered "unmarried partners." Gay heads of families aren't reflected either--according to federal rules, "family" means different-sex married couples and blood relatives.
"You need a family tree," Douglass notes, "because no matter who somebody wants to leave their property to in a will, your blood relatives have legal standing."
In most states, in the absence of written directions, health care professionals will turn to your blood relatives to make these decisions in the event you are unable to make them for yourself.
I was disappointed in "Blood relatives" (SN: 3/31/01, p.
The risk was increased by as much as 11-fold in families with five or more blood relatives diagnosed with cancer.
There were more than 6,000 participants, including 3,396 blood relatives and 2,754 women who had married into the families and served as controls.