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One purpose of the Law, Michael tells Adam, is to teach humanity that a blood sacrifice will be required to pay the penalty for human transgression and appease God (in this case, both God and God's "umpire" conscience).
Julian's pagan revival and the decline of blood sacrifice.
But blood sacrifice re-emerged on the north coast during the Chimu (AD 1375-1470) and Inca (AD 1470-1532) periods.
Greco-Roman intellectual elites themselves questioned the ontological value of blood sacrifice and proposed a spiritual sacrifice, prayer, alongside them.
Conceiving of God as Supreme Hangman and the Christ as Divine Substitute who paid the penalty for human sin in blood sacrifice did not make white Christians lynch black people.
For Euripides, blood sacrifice as the culmination of a religious ritual is only a residual presence in a psychological drama, but his culture's recollection of ritual sacrifice shapes his play and underlies its structure.
Trouble evolves when a blood sacrifice is called for.
With marked emphasis on incense, these texts reimagine earthly blood sacrifice as a celestial, bloodless, and aromatic sacrifice.
In Judaism, the Rabbinic writings backed away from violence, doing away with capital punishment, with blood sacrifice and even with the image of God as warrior; in Christianity, the New Testament predicts an apocalyptic battle between Good and Evil (in Revelation) but presents Jesus as a teacher of non-violent behaviour.
Nonetheless, the book and its conclusions might have benefited from a deeper study of the terms sacrifice, self-sacrifice, blood sacrifice, martyrdom, and victimhood, especially given that these terms are invoked repeatedly and differently throughout Irish studies scholarship.
The stain on the flag, the remains of the blood sacrifice, was a reminder of the price that colonists usually demand for liberty.
Maya's enemy plans to bring the vengeance of Kali down on the British invaders of India, a sweeping massacre beginning with the blood sacrifice of Maya herself