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True worship can only come from one set free from a ll sin through Christ's blood shed on the cross.
The OrthoPAT system is the only system to continuously salvage blood shed both during and after surgery in a single disposable set.
He added that Lebanon cannot rise except by merging the blood shed by all its martyrs, and by the dignities of all citizens of the nation together,; in addition to acknowledging the other as he is and not as we wish for him to be.
The Information Minister on this occasion said that dialogue with militants and terrorists was not the weakness of the government but we want the stoppage of blood shed of our pukhtoon brethren.
For those who know nothing of the anvil-chinned bulldozer, all 5ft 10 and 250 lbs of him, Tua will be the one wearing a Don King hairdo and a necklace of rare beads, coloured red to signify the blood shed by Samoan warriors.
A blood processing system recovers blood shed during heart surgery, transplant surgery and as a result of trauma.
According to the report, most of these arms had been distributed in Karachi after which the blood shed in the city increased.
Mulla said in a statement to the press on Friday, May 27, in response to the assassination of the Executive Director of the Justice and Accountability Authority, Ali al-Lami, "We condemn blood shed even if it is the enemy's, because we believe that Iraqis' bloods and properties are sacred.
He stressed upon the Prime Minister to demand the restoration of Mursi government and also call for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to stop blood shed in Egypt.
Of Iraq countries; they expressed hope that the peoples' legitimate demands be met and to deal in a civilized way with protestors away from the used of violence and blood shed.
It is our endeavour that former president and others found responsible in this blood shed be brought to justice.
RAWALPINDI, August 22, 2011 (Frontier Star): The speakers at a seminar held on "The solution to the Problems of Karachi" have said the intervention of Pakistan Army to end the blood shed and prevailing unrest in Karachi has become essential as the civil government and its functionaries have proved that they are not capable of brining back the peace in Karachi.