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Blood vengeance is exacted in the siete infantes upon the maturation of the illegitimate half Muslim child, Mudarra, whom their father Gonzalo Gustios fathered after her was captured by the Moors with the Moorish princess during his captivity.
Blood vengeance is extremely important in all three works even through blood is seen differently in each text.
Blood vengeance is most significant to the field of child welfare practice.
The role of social work is particularly significant within a blood vengeance situation.
Cultural sensitivity in appreciating the ecological context of and significance to family members of, blood vengeance is important for building a constructive working relationship with family members.
Social work intervention with Bedouin-Arab children in the context of blood vengeance.
10) Critics have noticed the contrast between the "native" ideals of blood vengeance and "foreign" Christianity.
The narrative also strongly suggests that it was only after accomplishing his father's assigned task of blood vengeance against both Joab and Shimei that Solomon embarked on building the awesome massive symbols of the new political theology--his temple and palace.
However, the shaping of Yahweh's response to Solomon's request also suggests irony: it could be argued that Solomon indeed needed to be instructed on how to administer true justice and to "discern" between right and wrong according to the principles of Yahwism, because he had clearly not learned them from his cynical and dying father, who had in his last days reverted to his own idea of blood vengeance, which, while unsanctioned by Yahweh, did nevertheless serve the pragmatic political requirements of the crown.
Following this logic, if David's sons would walk before Yahweh as David had in his latter years, they too would sin gravely as David had, not only by premeditating murder and blood vengeance, but also more generally by engaging in syncretistic practices, which are also strongly suggested elsewhere throughout these lengthy prayers.
It has even been suggested that David planned the incest of his son and daughter Amnon and Tamar, which began one part of the cycle of blood vengeance (2 Samuel 13:1-21).