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9 However, in the developing world with limited resources and scarcity of technology for proper preoperative workup and energy devices for bloodless surgery, hepatic resection is not still performed routinely in many centres since it is considered a difficult procedure associated with major blood loss and serious postoperative complications.
First it's bloodless surgery as a laser can cut through tissue without causing excessive bleeding.
Therefore, there is a worldwide resistance to homologous blood transfusion, and a policy of bloodless surgery is becoming increasingly popular.
High-intensity ultrasound is currently being investigated for a variety of treatments in hopes of advancing bloodless surgery in which scalpels and sutures are not needed.
He puts himself through school working as a mechanic, but in a sense remains one after becoming a full-fledged plastic surgeon, as in the nearly bloodless surgery he conducts on an anaesthetized, "rock"-like Esther in a scene reading like a manual for the operation (101-108).
By contrast, the ultrasound used for new experimental procedures in bloodless surgery relies on a transducer that applies as many as 3,000 watts per square centimeter to a target area.
So-called bloodless surgery means that patients are not exposed to the risks associated with donor blood.