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Given the concerns about our protocol and the lack of clear standards for INR sample procurement, the purpose of this research study was to explore the accuracy of INR values drawn from a heparinized CVC line and the arterial bloodline sample port compared to a venipuncture sample.
In one particularly moving section that bears editing or revision, the dancers face the audience in a line and share personal stories their grandparents told them about their mixed bloodlines, the origins of their Native American features, hair, and skin tones--and succotash and grits.
At one time, primogeniture went unchallenged in family-dominated businesses, and younger sons could only view bloodlines as unfor-giving, ego-bruising accidents of birth.
If you intend to show, the New Zealand bloodlines are for you.
SANDHILL CHESAPEAKES: Master Hunter and FC/AFC bloodlines.
While he is a renowned Trakehner expert, Schulte is also knowledgeable about bloodlines of all European breeds and welcomes all breed owners to attend.
All were of both naturally horned and polled Welsh Black cattle bloodlines.
Bloodlines, though, is a gothic exception featuring vampires caught in a desperate struggle.