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The future bloodsucker here is Prince Vlad III Tepes (Luke Evans), whose peaceful reign is threatened when a sultan demands the handover of 1000 boys, including Vlad's son, for his army.
When the species was first referenced in the late 1800s, one writer described the bloodsuckers as the "slyest, meanest and most venomous of them all." But even though the mosquitoes are neither deadly, nor carry any human diseases, their sting can feel like a "stab" - leaving a mark that won't quickly fade.
BADIN -- PML-N president, Mian Nawaz Sharif has said that rulers had turned into bloodsuckers, vampires, preying on hapless and suffering masses.
The Vampire Diaries (ITV2, 9pm) BLOODSUCKERS have captivated millions since Bram Stoker penned Dracula in 1897, and since then we've seen every variation under the sun, many of them on TV.
Taciturn Mister is very proactive when it comes to the bloodsuckers, not waiting for them to attack - he sets traps and relishes in collecting their fangs as trophies.
The bloodsuckers have been ganging up on city resources for several years now.
It's high time they blacklisted such companies and published a list in Indian newspapers so that people who want to come to Bahrain can avoid such bloodsuckers.
In studio flicks, independent and foreign-language films and small-screen series, there are more bloodsuckers out there today than you can shake a wooden stake at.
Saya, right, is a half-human, half-vampire who hunts down bloodsuckers and demons.
In reality, few would turn to this mild profession to find bloodsuckers, there being a richly populated necropolis of bankers, power companies, fuel firms and telecom providers.
But what really drives him to battle bloodsuckers and endure burrowing worms?
If so, your body may give off an odor thats tells pesky bloodsuckers to buzz off.