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The row comes a year after authorities in Britain banned an Australian tourism advertising campaign as offensive for using a a bikini-clad model who asked "Where the bloody hell are you?
Oh, I'm only joking, Norma ( bloody hell, it'll be a sad day in this house when you snuff it .
It's beautiful -- but bloody hell -- Broadcaster Ian Hislop on visiting the isle of Lewis in the pouring rain.
Sarah Pylp Armed robbers raid Co-op in Bulkington Bloody hell it's getting bad round there for getting hit
Lisa Rhodes Bloody hell, this brings back some memories.
You get managers like Harry Redknapp cajoling players - bloody hell he managed to get Kieron Dyer on to the pitch for a start, never mind scoring a goal
I turned to him and shrieked: "How the bloody hell do you start a flood?