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To represent the dimensions of the blow-up there are 5 cubes, each 4 m high.
At the end of the show, two floors up, what should surely be the climactic section on Gaudi and the Sagrada Familia (white plaster moulds of details hung unprepossessingly amid black-and-white blow-ups of period photographs) is rounded off by a long line of period (black-and-white) postcards of the devastation wrought by the riots of Semana Tragica or 'Tragic Week' of 1909, almost an abortive revolution.
The "accountability" I had in mind was a combination of (a) business press coverage that might, if appropriate, apportion blame for these blow-ups rather tan ascribing it wholly to the CEO and (b) shareholder discontent with the business judgment and stewardship of the acquirer's board.
While the media used the words "hedge funds" and "blow-up" together in articles two or three times as often today as they did three years ago, the percentage who expect a major hedge fund blow-up declined.
The recently announced distribution agreement between Lot 47 Films, distributor of such acclaimed films as Tim Roth's "The War Zone," Aiyana Elliott's "The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack" and the recently released "Chunhyang," and Blow-Up Pictures, producers of Sundance premiere film "Series 7" and the critically acclaimed "Chuck and Buck," was designed to uniquely leverage the highest caliber of digital filmmaking -- from script level all the way through production -- with comprehensive marketing and distribution.
Horrifically, he again missed to the left meaning he joins an unwanted group of players to have lost a winning position in four Majors which have included bizarre rule-breaches to complete blow-ups.
Good discipline is at the core of any sport and these are certainly values that should be promoted, but the fact is that rugby league is a hugely physical game and you're going to get some blow-ups.
These are knobbly blow-ups along the course of your veins where blood pools, especially after standing for long periods.
Vettel reportedly exploded in fury at the team, as the racer has not had the chance to put in a truly competitive lap time in three tests and suffered a series of blow-ups and breakdowns.
The risk of precarious government finances triggering fiscal crises remains the hazard with the potential to have the biggest economic impact, but the likelihood of such fiscal blow-ups is lower now than in previous years, the report said.
There are very good narratives here on major blow-ups at Council.