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Our approach is standard, insofar that we first deal with the local question of constructing the blow-up of a Euclidean space [R.sup.m+n] at a linear subspace [R.sup.m] x {0}.
A team of researchers has found that volcanoes go lull before they erupt - a finding that could give scientists a leg up on predicting blow-ups and saving lives.
From handling big traffic jams to learning how to overcome little irritants that can lead to big blow-ups, You Can't Ruin My Day is packed with advice that outlines many common scenarios and shows how these life challenges can be put to better use than frustration.
Firms with better corporate governance had few scandals and blow-ups. Companies with better environment practices had better cost of capital and efficiencies," he said.
Horrifically, he again missed to the left meaning he joins an unwanted group of players to have lost a winning position in four Majors which have included bizarre rule-breaches to complete blow-ups.
Good discipline is at the core of any sport and these are certainly values that should be promoted, but the fact is that rugby league is a hugely physical game and you're going to get some blow-ups.
My skin has thickened and I've come to see those blow-ups as necessary evils that made room for really good opportunities.
The risk of precarious government finances triggering fiscal crises remains the hazard with the potential to have the biggest economic impact, but the likelihood of such fiscal blow-ups is lower now than in previous years, the report said.
The working paper by IMF added that debt burdens in developed nations have become extreme by historical measure and will need a number of haircuts, either negotiated 1930s-style write-offs or the standard mixture of measures used by the IMF in its 'toolkit' for emerging market blow-ups.
There are very good narratives here on major blow-ups at Council.