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Rather, public policies such as the Blue Laws emerge because a moral constituency (the Baptists) and a financial constituency (the bootleggers) come together in support of the same policies.
First, due to Passon's earlier efforts and the influence of Connie Mack, the Pennsylvania legislature opened the Sunday blue laws to the possibility of playing games on Sunday afternoons and charging admission without fear of arrest or having to pay bribes.
Twain inserts himself into a controversy, summarized in Trumbull's Blue Laws True and False, surrounding the Puritan statutes regulating behavior in New Haven and other New England colonies.
The repeal of blue laws decreases the relative probability of being at least "pretty happy" relative to "not happy" by about 17 percent.
States were given credit on "personal freedom" for decriminalizing marijuana, having fewer gun controls and regulations on home and private schools, permitting same-sex civil unions, abolishing "blue laws" on alcohol sales, and having less restrictive rules on smoking on private property, among many other criteria.
Unfortunately, however, the centers are closed on Sundays due to the blue laws enacted by the town of Paramus.
Oregon's struggling auto dealers plan to ask the Legislature to impose "blue laws" banning car sales on Sunday.
The company said that Saturday is better suited to meet the needs of home improvement shoppers since Bergen County maintains "blue laws" preventing shopping on Sundays.
The greatest obstacle faced by Sabbath-keepers in colonial America were the blue laws, which were set forth as early as the 1610s.
There are a variety of cultural and industry-specific trends helping to maintain the vitality of the wine and spirits industries--among them are the American consumer's steady movement away from beer in favor of wine and spirits; the demonstrated positive health effects of moderate alcohol consumption; the liberalizing of archaic beverage alcohol blue laws nationwide, with particularly positive results from the growth of Sunday sales (which DISCUS tabs at an extra $212 million in new retailer revenue in 2006); and a more spirits- and wine-savvy public that is responding to increasing product education from retailers, distributors and suppliers.
Scher, whose career spanned over 41 years, was recognized for such efforts as pushing the repeal of blue laws in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.