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This enables NFC use cases such as simple Bluetooth pairing and other connection handovers, automatic links to URLs, storage of Vcard, and other types of information.
Oftentimes, the issues owners experience can be resolved with a software update or, in the case of Bluetooth pairing problems, dealers can step in to help.
Despite any claims to the contrary, other distracted driving solutions fall well short of full FMCSA compliance for many reasons, either because they simply audit behavior, which is after-the-fact, too late, and risky; they don't offer hardware for Class A vehicles or feature phones; or they have critical Bluetooth pairing vulnerabilities," said Chuck Cox, Senior Vice President at Cellcontrol.
Bluetooth pairing with cellular phones for safe, hands-free operation;
The new IC joins Toshiba's line-up of Bluetooth LE ICs, and offers two key features: easy operation of Bluetooth pairing with NFC Tag function; low power consumption stand-by status to increase battery lifetimes for devices powered by small coin-cell batteries.
Based on the proven INSIDE Secure MicroPass platform, the cost-effective MicroPass 4101-2K is fully compliant with the NFC Forum Type 4 tag requirements with 2K bytes of memory, enough to store long URLs, business cards, phone numbers, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth pairing information and other application data that can be read by any NFC-enabled device.
Near Field Communication (NFC) makes Bluetooth pairing and setup a breeze.
Spotify Connect*** and HTC Connect*** allow for seamless product streaming experiences, and Near Field Communication (NFC) makes Bluetooth pairing and setup a breeze.
These include proximity pairing for the easiest possible Bluetooth pairing experience, audio prompts to guide the user with natural language audio updates, and advanced multipoint to support connection to two handsets.
In addition to easy Bluetooth pairing and streaming, the HT-ST5 can also be controlled seamlessly over a Bluetooth connection with the SongPal(TM) mobile app from Sony.
1+EDR and supports secure simple pairing, which greatly simplifies the Bluetooth pairing process.
NFC technology gives the home theater system instant, effortless Bluetooth pairing with mobile devices.