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25 (1): Positive and negative syndrome scale for schizophrenia; (2): Negative PANSS1 - baseline; (3): Negative PANSS2- week 12; (4): Difference negative PANSS=NP1-NP2; (5): Positive and negative syndrome scale for schizophrenia; (6): Positive PANSS1; (7): Positive PANSS2; (8):Difference positive PANSS=PP1-PP2 Table 3: Comparison of the effects of ondansetron on different kinds of negative syndromes before and after the treatment in the experimental group by the Wilcoxon tes Negative syndromes Mean[+ or -]SD Confidence Interval Before N1: Blunted affect 4.
Lastly, inhibited depression was defined by depression, guilt, motor retardation, emotional withdrawal, and blunted affect.
Seven weeks later, she was re-admitted, clinically better and the status had resolved, but there was mild personality change with blunted affect.