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BOARD. This word is used to designate all the magistrates of a city or borough, or all the managers or directors of any institution; as, the board of aldermen; the board of directors of the Bank of North America. The majority of the board have in general the power to perform the acts of the whole board, but sometimes they are restrained by their charters, and it requires a greater number to perform certain acts.

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"It is the obligation of the board of health to cite a site 'noisome trade,' '' Ms.
They were unsuccessful until June 2012 when out of the blue the Board of Health decided to "grandfather" in the 20 existing abortion clinics, meaning they were exempt from the new building standards, staff training, sanitation, and equipment standards.
Stockholm:National Board of Health and Welfare, Centre for Epidemiology, Official Statistics of Sweden.
Last October's decision by the board of health requires the suppliers to fluoridate their water supplies by January 1, 2004.
Diseases such as typhoid, dysentery, diarrhea, and cholera became increasingly serious, stimulating the creation of the nation's first state board of health in Massachusetts in 1869.
But the Board of Health asked the Attorney General's office if it had the authority to regulate smoking in restaurants on Oct.
Notify the consultant when the State Board of Health arrives.
The McHenry County Board of Health regretfully announces the resignation of Medical Advisor George W.
In a sometimes combative session, Board of Health members said they felt the property was not "actionable'' under health regulations.
"Big tobacco is using menthol-flavored cigarettes to turn our children into lifelong addicts," said Carolyn Lopez, MD, president of the Chicago Board of Health. "The board of health stands ready to work with Mayor Emanuel and our community to find new solutions to help our children."
Members of the beverage and restaurant industries filed a lawsuit Friday challenging New York City's impending ban on sugary drinks, arguing that Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Board of Health does not have the authority to pass the measure.
In Colorado this advisory committee includes not only the nine groups listed in the CDC announcement but also the presidents of the state board of health, state medical society, and state hospital association; the state veterinarian; a wildlife disease specialist; a medical examiner; a specialist in posttraumatic stress management; a pharmacist member of the Board of Pharmacy; the Attorney General; the chief public information officer for the state health department; and, as an ex-officio member, the chief of the Colorado National Guard (3).

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