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Hopkins may have followed the revision of "formal identity" by Duns Scotus, who argued that a "form of bodiliness was necessary to explain resurrection and glorification" (Bynum, Resurrection, p.
The eschatological future may be rightly said to diffuse new being from Christ's risen bodiliness to the whole transfigured cosmos.
Social body and embodied subject: bodiliness, subjectivity and sociability among the Kayapo".
again that their bodiliness reaches the metaphysical
More particularly, realism perceives in medicine's ability to control bodiliness an important step in its progress toward a literary discourse that can manage the body's challenges to its representation of the real.
Even the category of 'carnival', for all its connotation of bodiliness, is wedded to an anti-discursive tropology of 'seeing' and 'the image'.
The bodiliness of death restores to otherness the flash of the unaccountable absolute, of which no-one can take advantage, that residue of otherness that is irreducible to historical or political valuation.
If Dioneo is the narrator "who introduces bawdiness and bodiliness into the Decameron" (32) in I, 4, Fiammetta is the one who brings forward the question of gender differences in I, 5.
6) For a defense of the premise of bodiliness and polemic against Cartesian dualism see Brugger, "Dualism, Bodiliness and the Self: Incompatible Bedfellows," New Oxford Review, vol.
Peter Brooks conducts a fascinating reading of bodiliness in melodrama, where he claims that "The melodramatic body is a body seized by meaning" (18).