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Scientists studied body maps in infants, which can provide crucial information about how babies develop a sense of their physical selves and their earliest social relationships.
This pre-habilitation reorganisation of an affected body map may be especially important for the more severely afflicted patients with CLBP.
Accuracy refers to a body map that is consistent with anatomy and physiology; adequacy refers to the level of detail.
Building upon valuable insights from recent developments in neuroscience, I will show that, both in national maps and in body maps, space is not organized evenly: some parts are "over-represented" (Ramachandran and Blakeslee, 1998, page 25), they matter more than others.
As the firmness diminishes, the consumer sees firsthand how the colors on the body map change.
Apart from the odd chart and body map on the wall, a desk, couch, computer and a few chairs, the only items of equipment Smith appears to have are a medium-sized hardback textbook and a briefcase full of phials of homeopathic drugs.
Body Map is a module that shows the typical distribution of common dermatologic diseases.
IRSkin is a videodermatoscope (and a potential mobile application) with a pre-installed software, able to acquire high-definition images (up to 10 Mpx), insert them in a body map, process, analyze and compare them in real time with a collection of dermoscopic images, histologically diagnosed, collected in an incremental database, a priori stored in the memory of the machine, by means of a Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) system.
As a pianist and teacher, I particularly enjoyed the chapters on The Body Map and Practicing.
For someone with phantom limb pain, the brain's body map still includes the severed arm or leg, and without any real stimuli from the region, it continues to produce pain," Moseley explained.