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However, there are health risks involved in both body piercing and tattoo.
The Ministry of Health (1998) defines body piercing as "any process involving piercing, cutting and puncturing the skin or any other part of the body, or applying a dye or other substance for the purpose of colouring the skin" (p.
Located inside Christine's Salon on West Main Street in Blue Springs, Missouri, WakeUp With Makeup by artist Jennifer is your solution for permanent makeup and body piercing services.
Body piercers often combine body piercing with tattooing.
At the risk of sounding like a public service message, the message is clear from today's report - always get your body piercing done in a professional environment, where the risks are reduced.
Although, the height of fashion, body piercing is quite painful and liable to repeated infections.
Visible tattoos and body piercing will not be widely accepted in the schools.
Without stigmatizing adolescents with piercing, use the topic of body piercing as a starting point for discussing unhealthy behaviors
BODY PIERCING SAVED MY LIFE: INSIDE THE PHENOMENON OF CHRISTIAN ROCK is the first in-depth account of Christian pop culture, surveying mainstream bands with roots in Christian rock and offering essays on the scene underlying the music.
Raising the public's awareness about regulation and licensing of tattoo parlors and body piercing shops is just one intention of a new campaign being wheeled out by the OHLA.
Currie-McGhee's TATTOOS AND BODY PIERCING (1590187490, $28.
Results indicate higher rates of tattooing and body piercing than previous research had estimated.