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4; Plutarch, Moralia, 774C-D; Pausanias, Description of Greece, Boeotia, 9.
To the north, they sought to extend their hegemony into Boeotia (1.
The Spartan army invading Boeotia consisted of 9300 hoplites, 600 horsemen and a few hundred light armoured spearmen (Delbruck 1975:169).
This title is the first volume of the Boeotia Survey's publications, dealing with the landscape that formed part of the territory of the ancient city of Thespiai.
1446), Argos in the Peloponnese, (37) Coronea in Boeotia
John Wortley (17) traces the history of Boeotia and in particular Thebes in late antiquity and the middle ages; the testimony of Rabbi Benjamin of Tudela (1160) shows that, in spite of an initial decline after the fourth century A.
The poet Pindar may have sung of this eclipse, though it was not visible in his native Boeotia.
In many locations, overlapping surface scatters form multiperiod palimpsests and often the "continuous carpets" of material from many periods that have been noted also in Boeotia.
Letter Two 15 April 1859 Beotian herd Boeotia was a country district of ancient Greece, and the term 'boeotian' came to signify dull and stupid.
If we naturally associate sophisticated Greek art only with Athens and to a lesser extent with Corinth and Italy, we forget that thousands of other Greeks in the shadows in places like the perennially maligned Boeotia were just as artistically adept, and perhaps possessed an eye for the everyday things that matter but are forgotten by their more heralded urban counterparts.