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Secondly, a close scrutiny of lexical items in the poem reveals subtextual Ulster-Scottish linguistic-cultural experiences of bogland terrain.
Their underlying hope, however, is that they 'could fathom the secret of the Shifting Bog, and perhaps abolish or reclaim it' (64) in order to comercialise the purchased land at the expense of the existing bogland.
Tasks include teams of eight men carrying loads of up to 55kgs across unforgiving terrain and there have been accounts of soldiers trudging through waist-deep bogland for four hours.
The North Pennines Peatscapes venture has seen another 115km of moorland drainage channels blocked this winter to restore water-holding bogland.
Its theme was 'Sea and Sky, Bogland and Mountains: Explorations in Maritime and Environmental History'.
This was the revolutionary breakthrough, aided by the insistence of visionaries and engineers like George Stephenson to tame the treacherous bogland of Chat Moss.
The worker was reportedly digging up bogland last week when he spotted something just past the bucket of his bulldozer.
They are demanding officials scrap plans for the unspoilt bogland immortalised in the diaries of novelist Sir Walter Scott.
Brian was found with pal John McClory in bogland across the border.
A CHEEKY landowner is selling tiny plots of Ayrshire bogland to gullible Americans for more than pounds 600.
Furious over her exile to this "vast bogland in the freezing north," Ymma grows more enraged still upon discovering husband-to-be Silence of Cumbria (Rachel Black) is just 14 years old.
The Irish government is being urged to take stronger action to preserve Ireland's hundreds of thousands of acres of cutaway bogland.