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Detective Superintendent John Short believed the victim was beaten to death on August 25 or 26, 1995, close to where his bones were found, in bogland at the foot of a steep embankment near Derriaghy, on the southern outskirts of Belfast.
He forced teenager Fiona to drive the family car at gunpoint, then dragged her, barefoot, through bogland.
FORENSIC experts will today begin digging remote bogland where they believe a former monk executed by the IRA is secretly buried.
The problem for contractors Bothar Hibernian is believed to centre on an area of bogland which will cost them millions of additional euro to remedy.
The bogland is home to wild animals such as otters and wild species of grasses and plants.
I can even remember when the MetroCentre area was all bogland.
INVESTIGATORS scouring bogland for the remains of a former Cistercian monk have brought in a specialist sniffer dog.
The traditional habitat of the cuckoo is also being diminished by the growing trend of planting spruce on mountains and bogland.
The path can become blocked by fallen trees, obscured,or sucked into bogland.
The scenery reminds me of the Isle of Skye - miles of bogland, lakes and deserted roads and mountains.
The path can become blocked by fallen trees,obscured,or sucked into bogland.
It would be little use having drought-loving plants next to bogland ones, now would it?