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It's the Pulitzer- and Tony-winning Broadway musical about AIDS, progressive politics, bohemian culture, drag queens, and smokin'-hot lesbians, coming to a multiplex near you, and with a PG-13 rating, no less.
The arcade, once the city's art deco centre of style, had evolved into a haven of bohemian culture on the edge of artistic St Anne's Cathedral Quarter.
Therefore, the last place a theorist of cultural vanguards would expect to find a bohemian culture is in the belly of that beast.
While Rebecca was still quite young, she wended her way between her mother's African American, bohemian culture and her father's Jewish suburban existence.
The first modern dancers emerged from the bohemian culture of those reform movements.
On this, and on many other occasions, Wallace proves himself a historicist to rank alongside Strohm and Patterson, thickening close literary analyses with a dazzling series of contextualizing studies, whether on the nature of Florentine society at the time of Chaucer's visit in 1373, or criminal activities in London, or Richard II and his Cheshire archers, or on the identity and origin of Richard II's queen, Anne of Bohemia, and the significance of Bohemian culture at the English court.