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Nowhere does the boiler plate specify: "whichever occurs last in time", or language to that effect.
These design practices might be termed "boiler plate design." Engineering design companies work on systems allowing for the execution of "boiler plate design" to occur quickly and with minimum error, and which attempt to minimize the impact of inevitable deviations from the standard model.
They produced several grades from the standard 'merchant' to the premium 'BBB' used in applications like boiler plate. With no colonial blast furnace, iron--including the unrefined 'pig iron' used in Sydney's foundries--was imported.
Here is a condensed version of a modern low-voltage installation "boiler plate" spec: Install everything on the drawing, everything that should have been on the drawing, coordinate in the field with other trades, keep the owner happy even though we "value-engineered" out what was promised to them in their initial planning consultation, and follow every local and national code, standard and additional requirement that will only be revealed after you have substantially completed your installation.
"We'd sit down and talk using boiler plate questions." be says, which would "prompt discussion about things like reliability and quality.
Debate has revolved around such esoteric topics as whether conclusions would have been different if the "boiler plate" disclosure section in some of the reports had been in the same 9point print as the body of the report, instead of the 5-point size that was used.
PeaceHealth's own boiler plate language used in news releases - that PeaceHealth is a "Bellevue, Washington based corporation" - has perpetuated the misconception, Hayward wrote.
He took a piece of boiler plate, about 3 inches by 4 inches, 5/8 inch thick, and drilled a couple of holes in it.
The agreement, bonds and insurance, and general conditions are what we refer in the industry as the "boiler plate," since these sections are typically not modified from project to project.
The old red house rents month-to-month, No boiler plate, security, some Septembers, the well goes dry.
One of the problems with the governing law and dispute resolutions is that they tend to be treated as part of the boiler plate of the contract and is therefore given far less attention than the operative provisions at the front.
This year, among other exciting changes, we found an illuminating compensation committee report, which showed sophisticated understanding of the variety of motivating factors in a multifaceted compensation package, a welcome change from the usual bureaucratic "boiler plate" recitations.