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A description of uniform language used normally in legal documents that has a definite, unvarying meaning in the same context that denotes that the words have not been individually fashioned to address the legal issue presented.

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n., adj. slang for provisions in a contract, form or legal pleading which are apparently routine and often preprinted. The term comes from an old method of printing. Today "boilerplate" is commonly stored in computer memory to be retrieved and copied when needed. A layperson should beware that the party supplying the boilerplate form usually has developed supposedly "standard" terms (some of which may not apply to every situation) to favor and/or protect the provider.

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(US) a form or document with blanks that can be used as a template, precedent or style.
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Even within the dense autonomist literature bemoaning the evils of boilerplate, which now embraces vast legal commentary and court decisions, Radin's account is a milestone because it does not shy away from raising the stakes.
In contrast to autonomism and its focus on the ills of boilerplate as a process for contracting, a second approach to regulation-by-boilerplate asks how it affects the outcome of contracting.
Radin's argument poses two challenges for the boilerplate apologist.
The problem with boilerplate begins with the assertion that there is no consent to it.
Boilerplate is not an agreement but rather a "devolution or decay of the concept of voluntariness" (p.
Because a boilerplate scheme denies people similar opportunity for informed consent--it is like wheeling people into operating rooms while unconscious--it defies the basis of an autonomous action and thus cannot be regarded as an agreement.
We do not claim that the boilerplate terms are the cause of the
Another notable feature of these boilerplate forms is their
Since boilerplate terms have to deal with many different types of
perceived, therefore, that the drafting of boilerplate language in mass
contains different boilerplate terms, have the standard result that
to be bound by the boilerplate terms of the OEM's form.