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Two journalists from The New York Times were traveling toward Marea as the attack occurred and arrived not long after the exploding bomblets had rippled across its neighborhoods.
Unlike conventional weapons, cluster bomblets survive for many years, luring little children with their ?
The munitions split open before impact and scatter multiple - often hundreds - of smaller submunitions, or plastic bomblets, the size and shape of a tennis ball or a table lighter over a wide area.
Most of the victims are children and some are killed when they mistake the bomblets for toys.
The Jerusalem Post reported on July 2 that the army Aohas recently carried out a series of tests with a bomblet that has a specially designed self-destruct mechanism which dramatically reduces the amount of unexploded ordnance.
Ahead of a potential new conflict with Hezbollah, the IDF has decided to evaluate the M85 bomblet manufactured by the Israeli Military Industries," reports the Jerusalem Post.
An incendiary material inside the bomblet also spreads fragments of burning zirconium designed to set fire to nearby flammable objects.
forces, and of a cluster bomblet, Reuters reported.
Cluster bombs, which can be dropped from a variety of airplanes, each contain about 200 bomblets.
Cluster munitions are artillery shells, bombs or missiles that contain hundreds of small bomblets that scatter over vast areas.
Representatives of about 100 nations began signing the ambitious treaty Dec 3 morning formally renouncing the use of the bombs, typically anti-personnel weapons that eject dozens of explosive bomblets when detonated.
The unexploded bomblets can then lie dormant for years.