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Some of these high transitional credits may have a bonafide explanation or may be a case of bonafide mistake.
He said, 'Senator Adeola's origin in Yewa is never in doubt, even though his detractors and adversaries call him various names ranging from 'Tekobo' through 'Atohunrinwa' to 'foreigner,' but we know he is a bonafide Isaga son, whose great grandfather, Olege migrated from Isaga-Orile, a Yewa town in the present Abeokuta North Local Government Area to Ago Ishaga, Pahayi, after the Dahomean invasion of Isaga-Orile on March 15, 1862.
On the auspicious occasion of India's Independence day, we will grant medical visa in all bonafide cases pending with us.
Prior to founding Bonafide Beauty Labs, Baxter served as the president and CEO for beauty at LVMH as well as president of Christian Dior Couture.
And Richard Watsham, director of commissioning for UKTV, which commissioned the show, said: "Baby Cow and Bonafide Films have developed a brilliant set of scripts, dark and funny with an almost frenetic pace to the action.
There's site-specific shows, kid's comedy, a bonafide comedy legend in Jimmy Cricket and with the support of Creative Darlington and our sponsors Planet Leisure, we're producing over 13 hours of free comedy alongside the paid events.
Inter-Company Bonafide Division A champion team Rabya.
Is it constitutional for individual states to bestow financial benefits, paid for with public tax monies, upon persons who are not even bonafide members of the 50-state Union?
BONAFIDE The Marine Hotel, Colwyn Bay I'VE only experienced a few moments in my life which have made me pause and think 'what's going on?
In response to Matti Nyknen's rejoinder of April 28, to my original letter on April 24, I am shocked at the quantum of English that she has poured out to make her hero seem like a bonafide Iceman.
A BCCI spokesman declined to comment but did refer reporters to a statement issued for the England tour which said there was "no intention to censor or limit bonafide news reporting" and emphasised that news agencies had been accredited.
com)-- In celebration of a successful season for the Texas A&M football team and a growing ecommerce boutique, Bonafide Boots has developed and launched a new Texas A&M Bonafide Boots mobile app that is available on iTunes and Google Play.