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The bonded abrasives segment accounted for the largest share of the global abrasives market in 2012, followed by coated abrasives and loose abrasive grains.
The European Union (EU) bonded abrasives market, excluding superabrasives, was valued at around 850 million in 2008.
Bonded abrasives such as wheels, cups, discs, cones and mounted points are a standard method for grinding ferrous castings.
This report written by experts from the abrasives industry provides a comprehensive world-wide market intelligence report on the bonded abrasives market/industry.
The coated and bonded abrasives markets in 2009 will contract by 21% and 14% respectively while superabrasives is forecast to contract by 24% globally.
SECTION III -- OVERVIEW 1 World Abrasives Demand by Region 32 2 World Abrasives Production by Region 35 3 World Abrasives Net Exports by Region 38 4 World Abrasives Demand by Product 39 5 World Nonmetallic Abrasives Demand by Region 41 6 World Coated Abrasives Demand by Product & Region 44 7 World Bonded Abrasives Demand by Product & Region 50 8 World Loose Grains & Powders Demand by Region 56 9 World Metallic Abrasives Demand by Region 59 10 World Abrasives Demand by Market 60 11 World Durable Goods Manufacturing Abrasives Demand by Market & Region 63 12 World Machinery Manufacturing Abrasives Demand by Region 65
Abrasive Products - An Overview II-14 Bonded Abrasives II-14 Coated Abrasives II-14 Economics of Coated Abrasives V/s Other Conventional Abrasives II-14 Diamond Bonded Abrasives II-15 Superabrasives II-15 Non-Woven Abrasives II-15 Abrasive Belts II-15 Cushioned Abrasives II-16
The Abrasives Industry in Europe and North America: A Market/Technology Report is a market report of over 470 pages that analyses the markets for bonded abrasives, coated abrasives, superabrasives, loose abrasives and abrasive grains.
The Norton bonded abrasives Gemini wheel line has expanded and now includes segments, cylindrical wheels, centerless wheels and surface wheels.
ABRASIVE PRODUCTS - AN OVERVIEW II-24 Abrasive Belts II-24 Coated Abrasive Belt Comprises of Grit and Backing II-24 Bonded Abrasives II-25 Coated Abrasives II-25 Economics of Coated Abrasives V/s Other Conventional Abrasives II-25 Cushioned Abrasives II-26 Diamond Bonded Abrasives II-26 Non-Woven Abrasives II-26 Superabrasives II-26