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Caption: Figure 1: Literature search for identification of studies about antibiotic elution from acrylic bone cement hip and knee spacers in vivo.
The introduction of bone cement into the intra-medullary space leads to the increase of intra-medullary pressure.
Bartolozzi, "Preformed acrylic bone cement spacer loaded with antibiotics: use of twostage procedure in 10 patients because of infected hips after total replacement," Acta Orthopaedica Scandinavica, vol.
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To study the thermal necrosis at the bone-cement interface, the utilization of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) to monitor the polymerization reaction of acrylic bone cement has been reported (21).
Bone Cement & Glue market worldwide is projected to grow by US$489.5 Million, guided by a compounded growth of 5.8%.
the subject of the public contract is the continuous supply of bone cement for primary endoprostheses and bone cement for revision endoprostheses for 4 years
The REMEDY Modular Hip, Knee and Shoulder Spacer, OSTEOBOOST RBK and FLORASEAL Microbial Sealant along with UNITE Antibiotic Bone Cement will also be introduced.
There were 12 males and 4 females aged between 24-63 years age (average 43.1 +- 9.7) who had received antibiotic laiden bone cement spacer treatment.
Results demonstrated that furcation perforation repaired with biodentine showed decreased microleakage when compared with that of ProRoot MTA and bone cement as shown in Table 1.
On 3 January 2018, the company said it began selling the PALACOS portfolio of bone cement products direct through its affiliate Heraeus Medical LLC in the US.
To overcome this, Masquelet described a technique of inducing biomembrane in the bone defects by placing antibiotic-integrated bone cement as a spacer in the bone defects.