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Detection of periodontal bone loss using cone beam CT and intraoral radiography.
Bone loss: In a total of 200 implants, the mean amount of the marginal bone loss that occurred during a mean observation time of 5.3[+ or -]1.7 years was 0.82[+ or -]1.6 mm.
Regeneration in the segmental bone loss is a challenge for orthopaedic surgeons.
Various parameters were reviewed to detect possible associations between bone loss including age, gender, presence of systemic disease, interproximal restorations, adjacency, and compliance to periodontal recall within 12 months (Table II).
"However, younger women who do show signs of bone loss are at high risk for a major fracture, and do require regular testing," notes Dr.
At 1-year follow-up, only baseline FSH level was significantly related to bone loss.
Now they have early evidence that GILZ might one day be a better treatment option for arthritis patients than widely used synthetic glucocorticoids, which actually increase bone loss, said Dr.
I am not aware that the bone loss is caused by the drug blocking calcium absorption in the gut.
Therefore facilitating healthy behaviors may maximize peak bone mass and slow bone loss. Medical treatment interventions are unable to completely reverse the effects of osteoporosis; therefore strategies designed to maximize peak bone mass and reduce bone loss later in life include prevention through health education and health promotion (Mark & Link, 1999).
In its recent newsletter, the Global Beer Network cites a recent Tufts University study that indicated that the phosphoric acid in soda may cause bone loss.