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Paclitaxel treatment was discontinued due to suspicion of drug-induced bone marrow suppression. Written informed consent was obtained from the patient.
So, spontaneous resolution of the patients hematological parameters in a short period as fourteen days, suggests us to revise the diagnosis of the patient as bone marrow suppression instead of aplastic anemia.
"When you deliver chemotherapy in the standard fashion, you have to wait three to four weeks between cycles before you can treat patients again because of the bone marrow suppression and the low blood cell counts that result," explains Gwynn Long, assistant professor of medicine.
In one case, a sulfonamide caused bone marrow suppression - a dangerous condition that could hamper a person's ability to fight off infections, cause bleeding complications and lower the plateJet count.
Some people getting the higher dose developed bone marrow suppression and other serious zidovudine-related side effects, says NIAID's Daniel F.
Among the proposed mechanisms are hypersplenism, bone marrow suppression, disseminated intravascular coagulation, and hemophagocytosis [11].
The count decreases as the duration of exposure increases, because long term exposure to benzene causes bone marrow suppression leads to decreased Eosinophil count.
In view of bone marrow suppression due to HIV infection and low CD4 count, she was started on antiretroviral therapy in august 2008 in the form of Stavudine (d4T), Lamivudine (3TC) and Efavirenz.
Histological examination of bone marrow was also used for observation of possible mitigating effect of CCT extract against myelosuppressive effect of CP and bone marrow suppression.
While major manifestations of severe falciparum malaria are cerebral malaria, acidosis, bone marrow suppression, renal failure, adult respiratory distress syndrome, hypoglycaemia, shock, disseminated intravascular coagulation, convulsions and haemoglobinuria.3,4 Presentations like acute abdomen, clinical picture of lower respiratory tract infection, and acute hepatitis with fulminant hepatic failure are rare manifestations of falciparum infection.5,6
The requirement of blood transfusion was highest for post transplant patients, other conditions requiring transfusion were aplastic anemia, pretransplant conditioning, post chemotherapy bone marrow suppression and TTP/HUS.

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