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WAITING GAME: June Jones says treatment for bone scans varies between doctors.
An MRI scan yesterday revealed nothing and the results of the bone scan this morning gave Jones the all-clear.
That's why a bone scan is the next step followed by drug treatment for men with low bone density, he told this newspaper.
In discussing the pros and cons of using plain radiography, SPECT bone scan, CT, and MRI to detect spondylolysis, Dr.
With its primary endpoint of bone scan response rate, this trial will complement our first pivotal trial of cabozantinib in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer, the '306 trial, which will use bone scan response as a secondary endpoint and is expected to start by the end of the year.
He will have a bone scan and then we will take him home and let the physiotherapist have a look at him.
Warren Frost, New Zealand Cricket's sports medicine co-ordinator, said: "Indications from the bone scan Shane had on Monday point to the injury being a stress fracture.
3,4) After a tissue diagnosis has been made, the patient should undergo a full metastatic work-up, including a chest x-ray, CT of the lungs, a bone scan, and bone marrow aspiration to ascertain whether the tumor has metastasized.
Kriss and her associates found that among 69 children complaining of low back pain, 21 were diagnosed with SPECT, while a routine bone scan found the root of the problem in just 8 cases.
Bone scan response at week 6 is the primary endpoint of this study and is defined as a 30% reduction in the bone scan lesion area on the week 6 bone scan relative to baseline as assessed by a CAD system at an IRF.
He's been for a bone scan and he's at Darley's pretraining yard at Hamilton Hill," confirmed Johnston.
Nicholls said: "He's going for a bone scan at Newmarket on Monday.