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The Washington Post report stated that wealthy Americans used bone spurs as a common deferment to avoid getting drafted but for McCain to bring up the ailment in such fashion cannot be considered just a coincidence.
Bone spurs in the feet can be troubling, because, depending on their location, the spurs can hurt with every step.
The bones on either side move closer together, sometimes leading to bone spurs and pinched nerves.
One of the other "reversers" Andrew Flintoff underwent the knife to fix a bone spur problem in February and took nearly three months to recover.
Friends of the 63-year-old former Beatle fear he may struggle to play drums again after the operation in a Californian hospital to correct the painful medical condition bone spurs - an abnormal bone growth on joints.
She stated that prior to developing the bone spur in 1997, while working at the hospital, she had not experienced any other problems with her feet.
Bone spurs that develop in the spine and press on nerves can be especially painful and may cause numbness or weakness in muscles linked to those nerves.
He underwent an hour-long operation on December 7 during which a piece of floating bone was removed, a bone spur was removed and a tear to the cartilage was repaired.
Pace bowler Jones - whose 18 Ashes victims came at 21 runs apiece and proved integral to England's 2-1 victory - is currently resting his injured right ankle in the hope the bone spur which is causing discomfort will not need surgery.
The 27-year-old has been troubled by a bone spur for some time and England felt it was best to sacrifice his involvement in the seven-match one-day series to be fit for the Ashes in the summer.
Flintoff is to see a specialist on Friday to arrange a date to undergo the operation on a bone spur.