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She said: "Ringo had bone spur ortho shoulder surgery in January in LA.
A bone spur had to be removed from on top of his knee cap and Lee said: 'It was risky and could have easily gone wrong.
Maxim developed a bone spur that wouldn't let him stay on half toe, and Irina damaged a tendon in her foot.
Scarlets scrum-half Dwayne Peel will see a surgeon today about a minor operation on the bone spur on his ankle.
The King of reverse swing, suffering from a bone spur in his right ankle, is being treated in the chamber of secrets - conventionally used to help deep-sea divers recover from the bends.
Flintoff bowled 32 overs at Old Trafford having been cleared of any problems with the bone spur on his left ankle which restricted him to the role of batsman during the one-day triangular series against New Zealand and West Indies.
The problem is the inflammation because the bone spur isn't very big.
I am now due to have an operation on my right foot to take away a bone spur on the top of my heel bone which is causing damage by digging into my Achilles tendon.
More recently, a painful bone spur in her ankle forced her to cancel her appearances during the Royal's visit to New York City this past summer.
Defensive end Lawrence Jackson underwent surgery last week to remove a bone spur on his ankle and will be sidelined five weeks.
Pace bowler Jones - whose 18 Ashes victims came at 21 runs apiece and proved integral to England's 2-1 victory - is currently resting his injured right ankle in the hope the bone spur which is causing discomfort will not need surgery.
King of the reverse swingers Jones, suffering from a bone spur in his right ankle, admitted he felt "useless" watching his team-mates scramble to a three-wicket win at Trent Bridge.