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Unlike a mastoid defect, a tegmen defect cannot be easily obliterated with bone wax because the tegmen tympani is not supported by underlying bone, and the pressure required to apply the wax can fracture it.
The contract is for the supply of surgical suture and bone wax.
Contract notice: Gradual delivery of surgical thread, the thread neurosurgery, bone wax, hernia mesh, hemostatic dressings, bone cement for regional hospital.
At the conclusion of surgery, the lateral internal auditory canal and all other visible air cells were occluded with bone wax.
plug needles (with bone wax plug) - 18 gauge, 20cm long prostate implant needles.
We are pleased to have reached a license agreement with BioStructures to develop many of the orthopedic products related to Resorbable Orthopedic Products' patent on resorbable bone wax and bone void fillers.