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Its products include cranial fixation storage trays, plates and screws, hydrocephalus shunts, wire cutting scissors, bone wax, sutures, Histoacryl tissue adhesive, the Caspar cervical retractor and Spectrum anterior cervical plating system.
Traditionally, a combination of bone dust, fat, temporalis fascia, perichondrium and bone wax are used to repair the fistula.
Bone wax was gently placed over the cartilage and round window niche (figure 4, B), and care was taken not to invaginate the round window membrane.
Bone wax haemostasis and blood transfusion were undertaken immediately.
KEY WORDS Bone wax, Pioneer of neurosurgery, Victor Horsley
The committee's views on medical maggots, medicinal leeches, surgical bone wax, tissue expanders, and drug-laced wound dressings generally harmonized with FDA's proposed guidances detailing the "special controls" manufacturers would have to observe to ensure safety and efficacy.