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He said it would involve suggesting to communities where there are bonfires, "particularly where there are these nasty bonfires, like Ravenscroft, Hope Street, etc, don't have a bonfire, celebrate your culture in a different way".
Today bonfires are bigger, properly organised and come with firework displays.
If need be they can tear bonfires down or relocate them," said Soteriadis, adding that the police officers would also keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour, such as youngsters firing off fire crackers or dealing in drugs.
Elsewhere, crews dealt with seven bonfires between 9am and 10pm.
The Walker Park fireworks are also on Bonfire Night itself, starting at 5pm with the fireworks at 7pm.
FIRE chiefs are urging Teessiders not to build bonfires on November 5.
We're also asking people to report all 'illegal' bonfires to their local authority so they can be safely disposed of.
Cheshire fire service said most injuries on or around November 5 occur as a result of people building their own bonfires and setting off their own fireworks.
Officers from Canley fire station were at Sainsbury's in Fletchamstead Highway, Canley to help out with the store's Fire Safety Week, giving tips on bonfires and fireworks.
Steve Cook of North Wales Fire Service said last night: "Every year countless people are badly injured and burnt in the run up to the bonfire season when lighting bonfires and setting off fireworks.
The incident brought a warning today from ambulance officials about the dangers of using accelerants to light bonfires.
I'm confident people will turn out, especially those who remember the bonfires of the past," Mr.