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When withdrawing from occupied areas, Islamic State routinely leave boobytrap devices on the roads and in cars, homes and official buildings in order to render the area uninhabitable and slow the advance of regime forces.
When cyber criminals install spyware on a victim's computer, they can see everything that he or she does, from instant messaging a friend to online banking activity," said Sheehan Toufiq, IT Spokesperson and Assistant Developer to the Boobytrap Project.
The three days covered a host of topics including emergency first aid, kidnap avoidance, navigation techniques, ballistic awareness, mines and boobytrap awareness, off-road driving and border crossing etiquette.
Gary was blown up by a boobytrap bomb in Afghanistan in 2010 and lost both legs above the knee and his left arm above the elbow.
Less than two weeks later, an undercar boobytrap bomb was found lying on a road in west Belfast.
I Bless The Day I Found You is released on Boobytrap Records at the end of August and sees Ninjah, who prefers to keep his age a mystery, rap and sing with a fair amount of skill, humour and affection about his adopted city, Welsh girls and sexual attraction, to name just a few themes.
He once took a barrel of gunpowder to boobytrap the home of a fellow Radical to foil attempts to arrest him.
Mr Ismay suffered serious leg injuries when a boobytrap bomb exploded under a van while he was driving in East Belfast.
And they have lethal weapons in the roadside boobytrap bomb and the suicide bomber, by vehicle or on foot.
Having recorded singles for a slew of Welsh record companies - as well as an album, 2004's eponymous effort on Cardiff's sadly-missed Boobytrap label - their talent for driving good melodies and Ramones-esque guitar hooks into the brains of their adherents like so many punk-pop six-inch nails was appreciated, and will be missed.
Acts such as David Wrench, My Red Cell and The Keys, and labels like Boobytrap, Witchita, XFM, Buzz Magazine and the Pop Factory will all be there.
uk), will be followed by a full-length album, entitled 2 Cool 4 Skool in late summer, and their next gig will be part of a Boobytrap showcase on Saturday, July 17, at Clwb Ifor Bach.