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After feeling around for boobytraps, my chest at 20 years of age pulsating, I shone my torch into a secret room
However, Arsenal may not have it all their own way because Galatasaray coach Fatih Terim has been known in the past to ditch the Istanbul club's preferred system to plant boobytraps for opponents he respects.
The KLA must clear minefields and boobytraps within seven days, leave checkpoints and end any military activity unless approved by Lt-Gen Jackson.
SEAMUS COLEMAN feels the Republic of Ireland's path to the World Cup finals is laced with boobytraps.
Any delay would give the terrorists more chances to set boobytraps and they could have started executing hostages.
Officers then raced to his third-floor flat about four miles away, which was filled with boobytraps.
They fight an invisible enemy whose tactic is to set boobytraps and then retreat to a safe distance.
A TERRORIST training manual found in the home of one of the men accused of being in a plot to send equipment to terror groups in Pakistan contained details of bomb-making, boobytraps and poisons, a court heard.
A visit never fails to feel like either a particularly ominous episode of Casualty or as if the Viet-Cong have hurriedly left the scene leaving an array of deadly domestic boobytraps - usually of the hot oven, bleach and cat litter variety - in their wake.
In March 1996, the Sunday Mercury revealed how Paladin Press was selling terrorism manuals, with titles including Terrorism Explosive Sourcebook, Boobytraps and How to Make a Silencer.
The bomb factory six bags of explosives, 64 pressure plates used to trigger boobytraps and 14 controllers for remote detonations.