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This was, of course, necessary given that we had no templates from which to work, and the various book designs were as new to me as they were to the students.
As a response to the limitations of HBiC/HLIC, The Surface of Meaning is not a comprehensive history of book design in Canada, even though the dust-jacket blurb promotes it as such.
The first half of the book introduces us to book design tools and considerations for finding visual solutions in book design.
One purpose for book design elements is to make a work more aesthetically appealing.
Dutch designer Grootens offers detailed analysis and documentation of his book design work and the course of his career over the past ten years.
However, the Church of England''s Consistory Court heard Abbey secured permission for a black granite wedge, without telling the church it would be an open book design.
However, the court heard Abbey secured permission for a 'black granite wedge', without telling the church it would be an open book design.
In chapter 3, "On book design and typographic style: books by Richard Hendel and Robert Bringhurst," Rafaeli compares the two writers and their books.
That tradition was crystallised in 1969 by Ian McHarg in his important book Design with Nature, and the editors of the present volume note the emergence of a backlash 'still ongoing in some professional circles', despite the fact that we are all now advocating sustainability, and stressing the essential links between architecture, forestry, geography, planning and soil science in the professional world of landscape management.
Northern Exposures, a picture diary of country life in the North East by award winning photographer Chris Steele-Perkins, was shortlisted for a British Book Design and Production Award.
Haslam (communication design, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London) presents a reference text for design students and professionals examining the art of book design.