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It is also the Classical or Boolean Logic, which has two numerical-values: truth 1 and falsity 0.
Lancaster is a master of clear explanation of concepts that are often unfamiliar or confusing to his readers, including Boolean logic, file structures, evaluation criteria, and vocabulary control.
We need a set of Boolean logic gates that can perform AND, OR, NOT and FANIN and FAN OUT [7] Operations.
According to the Boolean logic, a predicate is a function p defined in a set X that gets its values from set {0,1} [4].
IIP uses custom-designed keyword filters, advanced robotic search technology, Boolean logic and, finally, the discerning eye of trained professionals to glean valuable kernels of Proactive Marketing Intelligence (PMI) from the mountains of public information available on the Internet, in trade publications, newspapers and services like Factiva.
Unlike enterprise search solutions, which index every word in every file," says Harrison, "Abrevity's software first narrows the universe of files down through Boolean logic discovery and then extracts target data such as document summaries, people, places, legal data, social security numbers and even the overall tone or sentiment of a file.
Black-and-white diagrams and boolean logic symbols help drive the precepts home, though Artificial Intelligence For Computer Games does not contain any computer code per se--this is a manual of basic techniques that can generalize to any programming system.
Capable of many sophisticated sequences of operations, the system's field configuration program is based on Boolean logic statements.
Mechanics of searching, including Boolean logic and truncation.
Without having to learn Boolean logic or wrestle with if-then-else logic, Dewqs' NMS makes it easy to rid your inbox of unwanted emails.
I could go on and on explaining terms like: regression analysis, Boolean logic, alphas, betas, and other terms that would only make your head hurt more.
Fundamental to these operations are electronic gates for handling Boolean logic.