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For simplicity, we can suppose that the RLO of the parallel sub-branches of a branch (respectively, the parallel branches of the main branch) is stored in a virtual memory location of the type local memory, and is used successively to evaluate the RLO of that branch (respectively, the main branch) by applying an AND boolean logic operation.
While a bias toward reductionist materialism and Boolean logic in the field of cognitive science has contributed a great deal in terms of understanding cognitive mechanisms, many problems remain unsolved.
Despite the advantages of classical Boolean Logic accuracy it has major drawback: it cannot reproduce human thought patterns (Inform, 2001).
The crisp set and Boolean logic approach as presented by Ragin (1987) and others (Alasuutari, 1995) is based on the qualitative tradition of focusing on cases and conditions within the cases and then using Boolean algebra to look at all the configuration of conditions to test relationships with specific outcomes.
Among humans, only those with very low intelligence capacity use boolean logic.
The content, delivered through narration, text, and interactive exercises, includes lessons in binary numbers, Boolean logic, weirs and water flow, force, balance, and trajectory.
We need a set of Boolean logic gates that can perform AND, OR, NOT and FANIN and FAN OUT [7] Operations.
According to the Boolean logic, a predicate is a function p defined in a set X that gets its values from set {0,1} [4].
For an explanation of nested searches, read the article about Boolean logic from the West Virginia University College of Law Library, at www.
There is no sense of Boolean logic (which one Google employee believes is not valid anymore--see http://www.
Unlike enterprise search solutions, which index every word in every file," says Harrison, "Abrevity's software first narrows the universe of files down through Boolean logic discovery and then extracts target data such as document summaries, people, places, legal data, social security numbers and even the overall tone or sentiment of a file.
With CompactRIO, engineers can implement multiloop analog PID control systems at loop rates exceeding 100 kS/sec, digital control systems at loop rates up to 1 MS/sec, and evaluate multiple rungs of Boolean logic in less than 25 nsec.