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One search will be in one query and add Boolean operator to show the relationship between 2 queries.
Our talks with students have indicated that one of the sources of their troubles is the failure to perceive Boolean operators as operations on sets of matching documents.
Using the syntax, #1 AND #2, combine the appropriate searches using the Boolean operators AND, OR, or NOT By experimenting with different combinations of terms, you can determine which produces the most relevant results for your particular search question.
OF Boolean operator allows the user to specify how many terms from a list of terms must be present if it is not necessary to have all terms in the list.
Our interest is in improving the performance of the Boolean operator interpretation within the framework of the inference network.
The Boolean operators "and" and "or" are ignored in searches, but "not" does work to exclude words.
Boolean operators AND and OR must be capitalized and followed by an equal sign (acupuncture[MAJR]AND=review[PYTP])
Those of you with online searching experience won,t be surprised that we use Boolean operators to effect effective searching, and minimize the huge volume of material we can obtain.
We have also retrieved the journal indexing databases, Pubmed and Scopus, with appropriate key words (rational, treatment, management, therapeutics, pharmacotherapy, drug, therapy) limiting to the title field and using Boolean operators "AND" (rational) and "OR" (others).
There is a simple "fill in the panel" basic search and advanced search that has Boolean operators, phrase searching, and searching by Twitter hashtag, site, domain, tweeter, date, or format (tweets, links, photos, and videos).