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Using the syntax, #1 AND #2, combine the appropriate searches using the Boolean operators AND, OR, or NOT By experimenting with different combinations of terms, you can determine which produces the most relevant results for your particular search question.
This is a simple two minute mini-crossword puzzle designed to reinforce the nuanced Boolean Operators the lecture introduced: Near, Next, Proximity.
OF Boolean operator allows the user to specify how many terms from a list of terms must be present if it is not necessary to have all terms in the list.
The Boolean operators "and" and "or" are ignored in searches, but "not" does work to exclude words.
Software features: Full-text Search with Boolean operator support - Keyword Indexes: Comprehensive Index, Manufacturers Dir.
Software features: Full-text Search with Boolean operator support Hyperlinking: Trade names to Trade name Section, Generics to Generic Chemicals
In addition to the graphic interfaces, FoundationSearch offers effective simple search and advanced search options using Boolean operators.
This activity offers students an opportunity to select appropriate databases, use advanced search techniques, and practice how to phrase search terms using Boolean operators to locate peer reviewed journal articles that meet criteria for scholarly research.
Net users have become more sophisticated and adept at using keywords and Boolean operators to construct more effective queries.
Boolean operators and phrase searching with quotations were used a total of eleven times.
0 also offers customers message assignment improvements, LDAP user authentication, powerful message-searching options (wildcards, Boolean operators, proximity) and customizable alert recipients and thread identifier formatting.
Unlike keyword searching which requires skillful use of Boolean operators like "AND" and "OR," concept searching has no required formatting or syntax--reviewers can enter a natural language query or paste entire paragraphs from a relevant document, and within seconds receive a list of all related documents, ranked by relevancy.