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Suppose a man refused to grant some boon When you importuned him, and afterwards When you had got your heart's desire, consented, Granting a grace from which all grace had fled, Would not such favor seem an empty boon?
But what is this boon, rogue, which you would crave?"
The boon I crave is that you will place it in my hands and let me die still grasping it.
``I trust your boon regards yourself and no other; for in that which concerns the honour of my house, it is scarce fitting that a stranger should mingle.''
``And now to my boon,'' said the King, ``which I ask not with one jot the loss confidence, that thou hast refused to acknowledge my lawful sovereignty.
"Thy first boon is granted," said the king, slipping the kaross from his shoulders and showing the great breast beneath.
we shall soon succeed in sending him to join his boon companions.
But he smiled to perceive that this governor's example would awaken no turbulent ambition in the lower orders; for it was a king's gracious boon alone that made the ship-carpenter a ruler.
He was, in fact, a boon companion; as all veteran Canadian traders are apt to be.
I thought of how many happy people there were in Europe, Asia, and America, and everywhere, who were sleeping peacefully in their beds, and did not have to get up and see the Rigi sunrise--people who did not appreciate their advantage, as like as not, but would get up in the morning wanting more boons of Providence.
I'M very concerned about the health of DM Boon of Newbiggin.
By Tushar Bhaduri in New Delhi A BIG pay packet can get the attention of the best of players, and becoming the most expensive player in the history of the Hero Hockey India League ( HIL) has certainly motivated Tom Boon to give his best in the franchise- based competition's next season in early 2015.